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Cátulo Tango has a specialized service for corporate events, work days, product presentations, lectures, workshops, training, year-end parties for your company.

We have a room fully equipped with sound, 2 stages, screens, air conditioning, heating, lighting, our own catering and all the equipment to make your event unique. At the same time, our staff of professionals advise and accompany you from the first moment until the end of each activity.

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Dr. Tomás Manuel de Anchorena 647

Abasto - Buenos Aires - Argentina


From Monday to Saturday

trans.09:00hs to 8:00pm


Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Dinner: 8:00pm

Show: 9:30pm


(+549) 11-6399-1032


He was born in 1906. In 1955 he was one of the many political persecuted by the military dictatorship. He died in 1975 at his home in Ciudad Evita. In his honor, the street where he was born is named after him. At the age of 10 he composed Canyengue, a piece that Canaro performed. At 17 years of age he composed Organito de la tarde. Among his main works, in addition to those mentioned, are: Silbando, Viejo ciego, Corazón de papel, A Homero, Patio de la Morocha, Maria (with music by Troilo), The Last Coffee, Texas mansion, Red ink, Disencounter, The last curda. Distinguished as an illustrious citizen of the City of Buenos Aires, he stood out in this society by obtaining numerous awards: National Endowment for the Arts, SADAIC and other entities. This distinction was further reinforced when President Juan Domingo Perón appointed him to head the National Commission for Culture. His multifaceted personality allowed him to act in different environments:

• Professor, Secretary and Director of the "Manuel de Falla" Municipal Conservatory of Music.

• Founder of the Gardeliana Association in 1968.

• One of the first members of SADAIC and its President, after having held various management positions. Much loved and respected member in the union entity OSPESA.

• Journalist for "El Lider", "El Nacional", "Última Hora" and "La Prensa".

• Founder of MAPA (Argentine Movement for Animal Protection).

• Argentine featherweight boxing champion.

His favorite friends were: Pichuco, Manzi, Espósito, José Razzano, Piana, Cadicamo, Julián Centeya, Héctor Stamponi and Contursi. He was loved by his people as much as Manzi, Hugo del Carril, Leonardo Favio, Pugliese and many others.

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